My listing at 863 Carolina Street is big news!

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In case you missed it, my listing at 863 Carolina Street is big news:

ABC7 News: $2.5 Million Shack for Sale in San Francisco

San Francisco real estate is not cheap. Currently, the average price per square foot is around $1,200. But one listing in the Potrero Hill neighborhood caught our attention: a tear-down shack at $3,900 a square foot ... read more

FOX2 KTVU: For Sale: $2.5 Million Shack in San Francisco
One multi-million dollar uninhabitable shack in the city's Potrero Hill neighborhood is getting a lot of attention.NBC Bay Area: Inside the Crumbling Shack Selling for $2.5 Million on San Francisco's Potrero Hill ... read more

Mercury News: Why this Uninhabitable San Francisco Shack Could Sell for $2.5 Million:
The run-down, 640 square-foot home isn’t safe to enter, but its real estate agent expects to have no trouble selling it. That’s because the property comes with something almost as rare as an affordable home in the Bay Area — a demolition permit. That means the new owner can tear down the existing structure and build a new home from scratch — a rare opportunity in a city that values preserving old, historic homes ... read more

CBS SF Bay Area: Shack On San Francisco’s Potrero Hill Hits Market For $2.5 Million ... read more

SFiST: Potrero Hill Shack or the Land Under it Hits the Market for $2.5 Million ... read more

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SF Gate, KRON4, The Sacramento Bee, (national news), Business Insider, and KHQ in Spokane, WA